Earrings with Structure [Latest Obsession]

The Great Gatsby is coming out at the end of this year. The 1920’s are coming back. Here are some earrings you can find at Forever21 all for under $5. A great way to accessorize your LBD and celebrate the ratification of the prohibition on alcohol. No need to make moonshine in your bathtub.


Food Journals

I am trying to start a food journal and draw everything I eat in a day.
The first day was definitely a poor choice. Which is getting me to thinking, is this project going to make me try to eat healthier? Or is it going to make me eat less, so that I don’t have to draw too much? haha. Whichever the case, I hope I improve on food drawing skills.

Regardless, I think the prettiest thing I drew today, was the iced coffee I made. There was no more soy milk and I substituted it by adding more creamer. Another poor choice. I have tried nutritional drinks like Ensure as the creamer substitute for my coffee. It’s pretty good. Next try will be coffee and protein shakes. 


Chubby Sticks [Latest Obsession]


I have actually been obsessed with these makeup crayons for a while now but Clinique just released 8 new colors like the Two Ton Tomato you see there. The Super Strawberry is more red than shown here and the Whole Lotta Honey is a perfect nude. I really like these chubby sticks because they give you shine without the sticky lip gloss and give you some color without the huge commitment of a lipstick because it’s sheer. It doesn’t dry your lips out, but putting some regular lip balm right before helps I think.

For $16 a piece, it is a little ridiculous and Tarte has similar products but for even more at $24.

Right now if you want to try one out without having to actually buy one. Clinique online is giving away a 7-piece set that includes a chubby stick with any $23.50 purchase! The cosmetic bag could be way better.


Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day was a day to put some time and effort into my gift to my mom. Working full time now, I decided to splurge with a gift from Jo Malone. Well that and when I was at South Coast Plaza and passed by the boutique, they were having a session on the Art of Fragrance Combining with lots of appetizers and lemonade. How could I not stop by? And there you go, I walked out with their limited edition cologne, Plum Blossom. 

Now that the bulk of my funds had been spent, where else to go but to Michaels with their sales and 40% off coupons to add the final touches to the present. Basket, journals, and Mango Cilantro Jar Candle rang up to a grand total of $12. 

Happy Mother’s Day ❤ 

Coin Purses [Latest Obsession]


1. Blue Donkey, 24.90, Etsy
2. Mouse, 5.80, Forever21
3. Fortune Cookie, 65.00, Diana Eng.  Pretty + Present posted this a while ago and I feel the need to spread the word on how adorable this is!

So maybe coin purses were really ALWAYS an obsession rather than it being a latest find. There’s something irresistible about little containers. Who says you have to only put coins in them! Good for your little foil packaged benadryls, cold medicines, and cough drops! Or for your travel sized makeup! Chapstick, mini mascara, lipstick, sample perfumes and tiny jars of lotions. Coin purses are also a great place to store your earbuds! Maybe I will give you a tour of my bag next week!

The Hunger Games [Latest Obsession]


1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

2. Mockingjay Pin: District Token. If you were one of the lucky few who went to Comic-Con last year, you got this for free! Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I had no idea how much I would love this book until much much later.

3. Paper White Roses from President Snow. Add a little note and send them to your loved ones. Creepy, right? At least I was freaked out when my former college roommate sent me one for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you sign it President Snow!

The movie comes out tomorrow! I promised myself not to watch the trailers till I finished the series (which I did follow by the way). I am not so sure how I feel about the trailers but then it happened. I reread the first book again, and every time I read the word Katniss or Peeta, the images of the actors now flicker in my head. And now I don’t remember what Katniss or Peeta looked like to me before I saw the trailer (I have to admit this makes me just a little sad). Spoiler alerts below.

Not too much of a love triangle here. I don’t think Gale ever had a chance, he never became as real to me as Peeta did. I loved the first book and had to devour the rest of the series and I was not satisfied. I am not sure why Katniss never showed Peeta that she kept the pearl and had it in her pocket the whole time. I feel like that would have counted for something to Peeta.
Prim did not need to die.
Gale kinda just leaves the picture.
Peeta and Katniss end up together, but no, no magical sparkles kind of ending.

By the looks of the trailer. It does not look like Katniss becomes the girl on fire. Or maybe I’m wrong and they’re saving it. I am extremely curious to see how this movie will turn out. Does Katniss narrate the majority of the movie like she does in the book? Do we get to hear her inner thinkings? Does Gale have more of a part in the first movie than in the book?  President Snow was not how I pictured him either. I was picturing a menacing smaller plump figure who seemed fine until you catch the glint of evil in his eye. But Cesar Flickerman, I couldn’t have pictured a better Cesar!

No, it doesn’t really matter how the Capitol people got there, but yes, I would still like to know, how did the fortunate people get to live in the Capitol and be free from the Hunger Games?!

Expect more Hunger Games related posts in the coming days. If only I could throw a Hunger Games party…